Since coming to your planet I have had to improvise in order to express myself musically. The following inventions allow me to blend other-worldly sounds with Funky Groove and Alien Rap to bring you The Sonic Manipulator experience. (And hopefully brighten up your day.....)

Just click on the Youtube images below to see and hear samples of what my inventions can do, or click on the link beneath each one for the full size video at Youtube.

The Claude-a-tron

An electronic musical Instrument articulated by a 2- axis joystick for pitch & volume, with oscillator modulation, bass & percussion control.

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An electronic 'musical instrument' that produces record scratching-like sounds.
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The Greet-o-metre + The Transatron:

The Greet-o-metre is an electronic instrument comprising switches for activating sound samples & lights and who’s pitch & volume are articulated by a two – axis joy stick plus 5 switches. (The Transatron)
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The Fone-a-phone:

An electronic musical instrument with an arrangement of buttons for producing musical notes (tempered & tampered with)

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The Radiolian:

8 Radio’s in a box, all tuned to different stations and activated by 8 buttons for random sampling of the airwaves.

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A circuit bent & processed ‘speak & spell’ played percussively.

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The Tron-o-spear:

An electronic instrument, similar to the Claude-a-tron but triggered by striking a fibre optic pole.

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The Orbatron:

An electronic ball with flashy lights and toy sounds.

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The Bash-a-tron:

An explosive musical weapon.

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